Everything You Could Want To Know About House Mice In North Dallas

February 15, 2021

Despite being common home invaders, mice are rather misunderstood pests. People confuse them for rats often enough, and average homeowners know little about their actual behavior. Not only is this important for identifying pest problems, but it will also help you know how you can prevent infestations altogether.

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They’re Called House Mice For A Reason

Mice enjoy an almost symbiotic relationship with humans. While they may not literally feed off of us like parasites, mice seek out human properties for the easy access to food and shelter they provide. During cold months, warm-blooded mammals like mice must find shelter from the elements to survive. But even in warm months, houses provide mice with protection from predators found outside, and the waste we generate is a bounty of food for them and their offspring. That’s why only diligent prevention and timely solutions can truly root out house mice looking to freeload on your property.

The Dangers They Pose For Your Home

Mice aren’t just good at finding ways inside, they also bring a host of problems in with them. Here are just some of the dangers associated with having rodent populations around:

  • Damage: Mice dig and bite through structural materials in order to gain access to walls and other voids of a home. Once inside, they chew incessantly on hard surfaces to keep their front teeth, which never stop growing, filed down.

  • Disease: Mice and rats carry and spread dangerous diseases, including rabies, plague, and salmonella. Even if they don’t carry pathogens, rodents can also carry parasites that pose their own set of dangers.

  • Allergies: The mere presence of dander from pests can give some people allergic reactions. The musty odors caused by their urine and feces are enough to make anyone sick, too.

House Mouse Prevention Tips

Because they can hide for weeks or months without you even realizing they’re there, it’s important to keep up on general prevention well ahead of any pest infestations. Here are some steps you can take to reduce your risk of mice, but know that only professional assistance can truly guarantee that pests won’t find a way in.

  • Food storage: Mice will chew through stored food packaging or forage for crumbs and other messes left behind. Deep clean regularly and store food in secure locations and containers.

  • Trash storage: Mice will dig through the trash when no other food is present, so trash needs to be in secure and inaccessible bins. 

  • Crack sealing: Even small cracks or holes can be turned into a large opening by burrowing mice. That’s why you should make a habit of checking your exterior and making spot fixes wherever necessary.

Let The Experts Help You

With so many ways they can invade, and with the scary problems they can cause, house mice are a pest you don't want to be ignorant about. Educating yourself on their ways is a good first step, but you should also pursue proven prevention from pest experts. At Bug Head Pest Control, our trained staff can provide you with more helpful information about house mice and how to keep them out. We’ll look for ways to reduce your risk as we inspect your home, thoroughly checking for mice or the signs of their activity. Even if no rodents are found, the peace of mind that comes from an inspection is better than being caught by surprise. We can also help with preventative treatments of your yard and exterior, which provide the best protection from mice and other invasive pests. If a population is already present in your home, you shouldn’t waste any time -- call Bug Head Pest Control right away.

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