Frisco’s Complete Rodent Prevention Guide

January 15, 2022

If you’ve ever seen a mouse or a rat scurrying around your home, you know just how off-putting this experience can be. While some people find rodents rather cute and even keep them as pests, others find them terrifying and never want to see any at all. However, even if you like mice and rats, they are very dangerous to have when they are wild and living around your Frisco home or business. This guide is here to tell you all about why.

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The Dangers Rodents Pose

To start with, mice and rats are some of the most prevalent home invaders around. This is due to the fact that they have grown dependent on humans to truly thrive and even survive. They will use our buildings as their shelter, benefiting from easy access to food and water.

Both mice and rat infestations are common, but it’s rare to have both at the same time. Rats are bigger, but mice reproduce more quickly, making the amount of problems they cause around the same. They do also look similar, but there are a few ways to tell them apart.

First of all, mice are only about five inches long, including their tails, while rats can grow up to 15 inches in length. Mice have pointed muzzles and thinner, longer tails, while rats have blunter-shaped faces and thicker tails. Both mice and rats can have brownish-gray fur, but rats can occasionally have darker brown or black coloring.

How Do Rodents Get Into Homes?

Rodents are able to enter a property in many different ways. Mice are small and agile enough to squeeze through holes the size of a dime, while for rats, it’s the size of a quarter. They can also chew their way into a building as they have strong teeth that they have to keep from growing too large by constantly gnawing. They can get through drywall, electrical wires, plastic, pipes, and more.

If rodents do get inside your home or business, they can cause a long list of issues. Their chewing ability means that they often damage property and personal belongings, but there are also potential health risks to worry about. 

Both mice and rats can spread diseases such as hantavirus and salmonella, and they can also carry parasites like ticks and fleas. Then, there’s the fact that even their droppings, urine, and feces can make people sick with respiratory problems.

Some Effective Rodent Prevention Tips For Frisco Residents

Rats and mice aren’t the easiest pests to deter, but you can take measures to seal up your home against them and make your property less appealing. Here are a few of the most effective steps to follow:

  • Get rid of excess clutter around the property.
  • Clean up kitchen spaces often and always wipe up food and drink spills immediately.
  • Cover vent openings and chimneys with wire mesh products.
  • Purchase lids for all garbage cans and make sure they fit snugly.
  • Get rodent control assistance from pest professionals in the area.

Contact Us For Rodent Help

Rodents are dangerous to have around, and they are also difficult to eradicate. Trying to do so on your own is often just a waste of your time and money, so it’s worth it to get professional assistance. The experts at Bug Head Pest Control are here for you with our ongoing residential and commercial pest control plans.

Find out the details of our reliable, affordable plans and get a quote by calling us today.

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