Help! There Are So Many Flies In And Around My Plano Home

September 15, 2022

They're irritating, annoying, and bothersome, but the one thing you can't call flies is unambitious. The constant swatting, swiping, and slapping they endure still doesn't discourage them from returning for more. Flies must enjoy a challenge; unfortunately, it's always at your expense.

But at Bug Head Pest Control, we offer the most advanced pest control in Plano to reduce fly populations at your residence to save your sanity while keeping things sanitary. Read on to learn more about these frustrating insects and what you can do to see less of them.

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What Kind Of Flies Like To Infest Homes?

Most people think a fly is a fly and that if you've seen one, you've seen them all. But there are different types of flies that homeowners can encounter, such as drain flies, bottle flies, fruit flies, and house flies. The bottle fly is the filthiest of the four, often flying around pet waste and outdoor trash. They feed on animal excrement, garbage, rotting meat, and open wounds of animals. These are not the flies you want landing on your plate at the family cookout.

Why Do Flies Land On Humans?

Many people have spent countless summers relentlessly swatting flies away from their faces, ears, and shoulders. Have you ever wondered why humans attract flies like a magnet? Thank your sweat glands for attracting these annoying insects. The sweat and oils from your body provide a delicious meal for flies. They're also interested in dead skin cells and moisture. Although flies find rotting carcass flesh appealing, they get more nourishment from feasting on your skin's excretions. And if you've ever had a fly swarm around your nose and mouth, it's because they're attracted to the carbon dioxide you breathe out.

Tips For Preventing Flies In Plano

It's tough figuring out how to repel flies when you're unsure of what's attracting them in the first place. Flies flock to decaying organic matter and waste. These materials include animal food, kitchen trash, and pet waste. That's why it's not unusual to see flies swarming around the openings of dumpsters and uncovered trashcans. Let's go over some simple tips to prevent flies in your Plano home:

  • Take out your trash often, securing the bags and lids.
  • Scrub the inside of your trashcans to remove old food particles. 
  • Repair or replace door and window screens with tears, holes, or rips.
  • Store as much of your food in the refrigerator or pantry as possible 
  • Clean thoroughly and frequently.

Also, keep a fly swatter handy for any stragglers inside your home. Discourage flies from hanging around your yard by raking up dead leaves and clearing away yard waste. Try to implement as many preventative measures as possible for maximum results. For further assistance, contact professionals with experience in controlling flies in Plano.

Professional Indoor Fly Reduction Services In Plano

With all the buzz surrounding do-it-yourself (DIY) pest control for getting rid of house flies, it's easy to see why people experiment with these methods. Although the presumed cost savings and convenience seem appealing, these at-home practices rarely provide satisfactory results that last. In fact, you end up spending more time and money than originally planned. That's why seeking professional pest control services to manage fly populations is so important.

At Bug Head Pest Control, we've been providing high-quality pest management services to our residents since 2010. We do the job right the first time and offer customized treatment options to fit your specific needs. Our experienced technicians use the latest products and procedures to get rid of flies fast. With the convenience of online scheduling, contact us today to request your complimentary inspection.

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