How To Get Rid Of Rodents & Keep Them Out In Plano

December 15, 2021

If you live in Plano, you are no stranger to the many different rodents that can not only bother you but also cause significant damage to your property. Whether it is squirrels, mice, or rats, these rodents all seem to find your home and invade. To keep them out, you need to know not only how to spot these rodents and their different characteristics, but you also need to understand them and why they are picking your Plano property. 

norway rat near a shed

Understanding Rodents

In the Plano area, you can find all kinds of rodents. Various squirrel species can cause damage in your backyard, even going so far as coming into your home or business and causing further damage, often unseen at first. In your backyard, they can seem harmless at first, but very quickly, they will chew on whatever bird feeders or outside furniture you may have.

Other rodents like mice and rats will make their nests and cause extensive damage before you even know they are there. You need to be on the look for:

  • Deer Mice
  • House Mice
  • Norway Rats
  • Roof Rats

All have their unique set of characteristics that separate them from each other, but they are all the same regarding the damage they can do to your home. Exposing wires, spreading diseases and parasites, these rodents are not just nasty, they are dangerous.

Why Your Property

Out of all the homes, why is yours being targeted? It can feel as if your home was picked at random by the rodents, but it’s more complex than this. Rodents are very adaptive and can live almost anywhere as long as they have a few things: food, water, and a warm shelter. They are prolific breeders too, so they can create generations of new rodents no matter where they are.

If these rodents have invaded your property, then it is supplying them with everything they need to live and breed. If food or water were inaccessible, they would go elsewhere. These rodents have a long history of human dependency, so they will come inside when they see a home with everything they need. Even if they have to squeeze through a hole the size of a dime, they will do it to find shelter and start eating your food.

Preventing Future Rodent Infestations

What can you do not to have rodents come into your home? As mentioned above, the rodents are choosing your home because they see it as a source of food, water, and shelter. To stop this you should cover all trash and keep trim limbs and other debris away from your home so that they won’t be attracted.

Another key point of avoiding rodent infestations is to seal off all entry points like small openings and small spaces around your exterior walls. Rodents can come in through incredibly tiny holes and gaps, so eliminating them is key. Also, be sure to have recurring professional guidance, as their years of knowledge and experience are among the best preventative measures you can have. 

Contact The Professionals

That’s why you need to call Bug Head Pest Control. We put family’s needs first, figuring out whatever solution best fits your specific needs. For our rodent exclusion services, we can locate and seal off the different entry points, and we also have trapping services and rodent removal to get whatever rodents are in your home out.

It is tough to get rid of an entire rodent infestation in your home, not even thinking about your safety. The best way to take care of them is through Bug Head Pest Control. We know how to do it efficiently and safely. 

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