Preparing For Bed Bug Prevention Month In North Dallas

June 15, 2022

Bed bugs are a repulsive blood-feeding pest that no one cares to tackle. You’ve probably heard horror stories of bed bugs in North Dallas and how these creatures can quickly spread throughout homes. But, these stories often don’t do these nasty pests justice. Bed bugs are parasites that drink blood from humans to survive, and they are also nocturnal, which means they only wake up at night. They’ll leave you waking up with bite marks on your body. The other issue with bed bugs is that they are difficult to eradicate. 

bed bug on mattress

Since June is bed bug prevention month, now is the perfect time to learn more about these pests and how you can keep them out of your home.

Why Are Bed Bugs Drawn To Homes In North Dallas?

Because bed bugs need to have a blood meal to survive, logically, they will be almost anywhere people live, including office buildings, hotels, schools, buses, and laundromats. But, their favorite hangout is anywhere with beds, as these are the perfect places for bed bugs to hide and wait to get a meal.

Bed bugs can sense the amount of carbon dioxide that people emit when they breathe, so they will spend the day waiting in holes in the walls or the seams of furniture until nighttime.

Signs You Could Be Dealing With A Bed Bug Infestation

You first need to know about North Dallas bed bug infestations to identify a problem. Since bed bugs are nocturnal, you might not ever see the actual bed bugs until the infection has grown. But, keep in mind that bed bugs aren’t invisible; they are around the size of an apple seed and a reddish-brown color. 

There are some early signs of bed bugs you can watch out for, such as:

  • Bite marks that show up in zigzag and line patterns
  • Brown stains that may appear on bedding, walls, and other furniture
  • Smelling a strange musty odor

If you do spot any signs, the best way to swiftly remove a bed bug problem is with help from Bug Head Pest Control.

Five Tips To Keep Bed Bugs Out Of Your Home

To prevent bed bugs in North Dallas, you need to know how they get around. Bed bugs mostly enter homes as unwanted stowaways. They will grab a ride on luggage, bags, and clothing, and you can also bring bed bugs in on second-hand items.

To prevent bed bugs, we suggest following these five steps:

  1. Avoid setting down luggage and bags when traveling.
  2. If you use shared laundry facilities, carry your items in plastic bags.
  3. Always check hotel rooms for signs of bed bugs.
  4. Inspect second-hand items for bed bugs.
  5. Contact North Dallas bed bug control experts for help.

Remember that bed bugs are one of the most challenging pests to prevent because they are so widespread. If you have an infestation, don't let it upset you. You can easily remove these pests with North Dallas pest control services. 

Professional Bed Bug Control For Bed Bug Prevention Month

Since it’s bed bug prevention month, being aware of bed bugs' invasive nature will lead you to act if you are experiencing an infestation quickly. Bed bugs can spread rapidly, so contact Bug Head Pest Control; if you even have the slightest inclination, you may have a bed bug problem.

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