Richardson's Complete Guide To Effective Rodent Control

October 15, 2020

Pests are one part of nature that people question. Folks wonder why they exist and why they have to be as irritating and scary as they are. Most have strange or frightening looks, and many can harm you in some fashion. A large portion can bite, some damage belongings, and others transmit illnesses. To boot, some pests procreate seemingly at the speed of light, increasing the chances of danger. Rodents have all of these characteristics. 

a  house mouse in a home pantry

Richardson's home and business owners should have an understanding of the rodent species in the area. Knowing as much as possible about rodent activities and threats can be empowering. It may help you to prevent and control them with success; especially if you have Bug Head Pest Control’s help.

What Rodents Are Seen In Richardson? What Are The Dangers?

House mice and Norway rats are some of the most common rodents in the region. As their name reveals, house mice are infamous for their property invasions. They are about seven inches long and have fur that is brown, black, or gray. Their hair isn’t very lengthy. If you were to see their stomachs, you'd notice it's a lighter color. Sheltered spaces that are warm and rich with food sources are what house mice seek. Outdoors, they prefer fields and locations that are grassy and wooded. Indoors, they favor darkness, dampness, and quiet. After entering your home or business, they’ll go to cabinets, basements, voids, and similar areas.

Norway rats have 7-inch tails and 15-inch long bodies. Their disheveled hair is brown or gray; their tails and ears have scales. These creatures do a number on lawns with their digging and burrowing. Using these tunnelways, they’ll creep into buildings. It’s easier for them to get into structures that are feeble or poorly maintained. As with house mice, Norway rats relish being on land with wood and/or tall grass.

Tell-tale signs of infestation are:

  • Seeing rodents during the day; most are nocturnal

  • Finding their droppings and/or footprints 

  • Having rub and grease stains on your walls

  • Hearing their squeaking and scratching behind walls

As mentioned previously, rodents can ruin belongings and spread disease. They chew on cords and foundations to saw down their teeth. Chomping on wires can spark an electrical fire or cause an outage. These critters usually have parasites in their fur and they live in filthy spots. When they interact with food or surfaces, they can contaminate them. Consequently, humans can develop salmonella, leptospirosis, hantavirus, and more.

How Can You Prevent Rodents?

With rodents, you’ll likely have mice or rats. Concurrent infestations are a rarity. Fortunately, though, the avenues to prevent either are quite similar:

  • Rodents can crawl through the tiniest of holes. Therefore, seal the ones you find around vents, utilities, doors, windows, and foundations. 

  • Have dysfunctional sources of moisture, like leaks, repaired.

  • Store food and trash in airtight containers.

  • Maintain your lawn and greenery; plants and gardens should be distanced from exterior doors.

  • Routinely clean your gutters. 

  • Reduce clutter both inside and outside.

What Can Bug Head Pest Control Do About Rodents?

Don’t attempt to exterminate rodents on your own. It is hazardous to handle their bodies, urine, and/or feces because of the bacteria they carry. Besides, most commercial elimination products aren't totally effective. For example, traps only target individual mice and rats, and they don’t patch up entry points. It’s best to bring in professionals when facing these prolific critters.
At Bug Head Pest Control, we have systematic solutions for removing rodents and stopping future occurrences. Our precisely trained technicians will perform comprehensive examinations, exclusion techniques, insulation replacement, and then some. Call us today for a free inspection!

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