Who Else In Plano, TX Wants To Keep Flies Out Of Their Home?

September 15, 2021

It’s a simple fact. Flies in and around the home are annoying. They buzz around and get in your face and land on your food. Not only are these pests plentiful in Plano, but there are also several species in the area that have slightly different behaviors.

bottle fly landing on a leaf

Fly Problems In Plano, TX

Before we get into the problems flies cause or how to prevent them from invading your home, it’s important to understand the behaviors of the most common flies people in Plano come across. These breeds include:

  • Fruit flies: Fruit flies are quite small and get their name from their association with rotting fruit and vegetation. They’re also attracted to the smell of alcoholic drinks such as beer and wine. They’re most often observed around trashcans, sinks, and fruits and vegetables left out in the kitchen.

  • Houseflies: This fly is gray or black and will feed on spoiled food and garbage. They may have short lifespans, but that’s negated by how quickly they reproduce.

  • Bottle flies: Also known as blowflies, this breed is noted for being shiny green or blue. In addition to garbage, they will also feed on feces or rotting meat. Like other breeds, bottle flies reproduce rapidly.

  • Drain flies: Primarily found in sink drains or disposals, they are marked by a fuzzy moth-like appearance. They prefer a damp environment, so moisture problems will likely attract this species. 

Dangers Associated With A Fly Problem

It’s not a secret that flies of any kind are annoying. They tend to hover around your face and produce a buzzing sound we’d all like to forget. However, while flies don’t cause any direct harm, every single breed is more of a danger than you would think.

This danger stems from their feeding habits. They like trash, rotten fruit and meat, and decaying organic matter - including feces. To feast on these substances, they have to land. When they’re done feasting, they take off and fly to other areas. For humans, this is a large problem because the flies pick up and spread a range of pathogens that cause serious illness. Some of the most serious illnesses include typhoid, cholera, and dysentery among others.

Strategies To Keep Flies Out Of Your Plano Home

The best way of controlling the fly population in your Plano home is to prevent them from invading in the first place. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of handy tips designed to make your home as fly proof as possible.

  • Manage the trash: This includes regularly taking out the trash, sealing the trash bags, and wiping down the trashcan. Flies like to feast on your garbage. If they can’t access yours easily, they’ll be more inclined to scavenge elsewhere.

  • Check the windows: When the weather is warmer, it’s natural to want to open your windows to let the air come through. Make sure before you open those windows up that all window screens are installed and undamaged.  This limits the number of opportunities for flies to come in from the outside.

  • Manage pet waste: The more pet waste present in the yard, the more flies are attracted to your property. Flies are inclined to breed and lay eggs on feces due to its moisture content.

  • Practice good landscaping: The cleaner and more maintained the yard, porch, and surrounding area, the less likely you will develop a fly problem. If flies lack attractants, they won’t invade so strongly. Be sure to rid your yard of pet droppings, dead plants, and other organic matter that will bring flies onto your property. 

No More Flies With Bug Head Pest Control

No matter how much effort you put into keeping the home comfortable all year round, pests of all types still invade your property and get inside your house. Flies are particularly talented at squeezing their way in, which is why our pest management professionals at Bug Head Pest Control are ready to provide a pest control solution designed to keep your fly population under control.

Are you ready to look into professional fly control services? If so, Bug Head Pest Control is here for you.  Give us a call to speak with one of our friendly agents about our pest control services, or fill out our online form!

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