Why Can't I Get These Mice Out Of My Plano Home?

November 13, 2020

Picture this: you wake up in the middle of the night and decide to get up for a glass of water. As you head to the kitchen, you decide you could also use a snack. You open the pantry door, and there on the shelf is a mouse, staring out at you with a cracker in hand. This scenario, or versions of it, happens far too often in homes across the United States. Mice are one of the most common home invaders, especially during the fall months. Do you need help getting mice out of your home this fall? You’ve come to the right place!

house mouse in garbage

Identifying House Mice

House mice are a common rodent pest. They are smaller than rats, at only two to four inches, plus an additional four inches of tail. They have large round ears and grey or brown fur, with a cream belly. A common sign of a mouse infestation is to see the mouse itself. If you see one mouse in your kitchen, chances are there is a whole family hiding nearby. Other signs of a mouse infestation are:

  • Ripped or chewed food packaging
  • Food with bites taken out of it
  • Droppings, small oval-shaped pellets
  • Grease marks or smudges along the walls
  • Scurrying noises at night
  • Gnaw marks on furniture or belongings

Problems Mice Can Cause

It can be frightening to see a mouse in the house, especially at night. However, there are more reasons to keep mice out of the house. While this pest certainly is a nuisance, it can actually be quite dangerous. Let’s take a closer look! Mice are carriers of diseases that can be transmitted to humans. These include salmonellosis and in some cases rat-bite fever. In addition, mice often bring in other pests such as fleas and ticks, which carry even more diseases. These diseases from mice can be spread through direct contact, fecal matter, contaminated food, and saliva. Therefore, even cleaning up after a mouse infestation can be dangerous.

In addition to disease, mice are problematic because they need to gnaw constantly. If you have mice in your home, you’ll likely begin to notice holes appearing in fabric or chew marks on furniture or even on the walls. Plus, mice may chew on wires behind the walls, which can ruin electronics and cause electrical fires. It is definitely not worth having mice in your home!

Dealing With Mice

However, it can be frustratingly difficult to deal with mice? Why? The first answer is because mice can get in so easily. They can fit through holes the size of a quarter and can come in through uncovered vents, open doors, and holes in the exterior of your home. The second reason is that mice can multiply quickly. A female mouse can have up to ten litters per year, and each litter has six to eight babies. That means that in just one year you could have sixty more mice in your house. The last reason for why mice are hard to get out of your home is because they are good at hiding and hard to catch. Mousetraps are a common staple of homeowner life, but they aren’t very effective. While a trap will catch one mouse at a time, it will never be enough to eradicate all the mice in your home. You may need to call in the professionals at Bug Head Pest Control for their expert help!

House Mouse Control

Instead of fighting with mouse traps or just putting up with mice in your home, why not get in touch with Bug Head Pest Control? It is possible to get mice out of a home with the right tools and equipment and here at Bug Head Pest Control, we have the materials needed for effective mouse control. We also have years of training and experience in mice prevention and elimination. Give us a call to learn more about our procedures and how we can help you avoid a frightening mouse encounter.

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