Why You Should Call The Pros About Bed Bugs In North Dallas

June 16, 2021

If you've ever rented a room at a seedy motel and woken up with strange welts or bites on your body, then you're probably fully aware of how annoying bed bugs are. Experiencing a full-blown invasion in your own North Dallas home is a whole different rodeo, though. They may only be classified as a nuisance pest, but the long-term effects of a bed bug infestation include sleepless nights and infuriatingly itchy days. Are you currently struggling with a bed bug infestation and thinking about DIY treatments? You're about to find out why that's a horribly bad idea.

a bed bug on human skin

How To Catch A Bad Case Of Bed Bugs In North Dallas

Bed bugs are small, roughly around ¼ of an inch long, dark brown, wingless, and oval-shaped. They're often mistaken for apple seeds or miscellaneous debris. Because of their minuscule stature and easily mistaken identity, it's unfortunately very easy to invite these parasites into your North Dallas home. They only feed on blood, preferably human, so they prefer to be where the people are:

  • Hotels, motels, and apartment buildings
  • Airports and planes
  • Taxis, buses, trains, and train stations
  • Shopping centers, especially thrift stores
  • Daycares, schools, and dormitories
  • Hospitals and nursing homes

Picking up a dangerous tag-along could be as harmless as setting your bags down in an infested room or brushing up against infested curtains and furniture. They're commonly introduced to the house through extended stays in hotels, spending time in a home that hasn't discovered an ongoing infestation, and purchasing thrift store items and furniture that hadn't been properly cleaned prior to resale.

Preventing A Bed Bug Infestation Before It Begins

Now that you're aware of how easily bed bugs can take over your North Dallas home, you can start to take necessary precautions to prevent that from occurring in the future. Bed bugs prefer nice, cozy spaces to sleep off their nighttime blood binges. Good areas to inspect are:

  • Seams of furniture such as mattresses, couches, upholstered chairs
  • Crevices between walls and wallpaper
  • Outlets and electronics
  • Floorboards and baseboards
  • Seams between carpeting and walls

When settling in for an overnight or extended stay away from home, always check the furniture and mattresses for unusual amounts of dirt within the creases. If you notice patterned bites and welts on your skin after sleeping, inspect the linens for reddish-brown stains. Oftentimes, people will roll over and crush bed bugs in their sleep, creating these types of smears on fabric. When purchasing thrifty furniture, and even fabrics such as second-hand clothes, check to make sure there isn't anything crawling around before bringing them inside. Throw any possibly contaminated fabrics in the dryer; bed bugs can't handle high amounts of heat.

Can I Get Rid Of A Bed Bug Infestation On My Own?

If you're considering a DIY bed bug extermination, you'll want to set aside around $2,000 and schedule off work for the next two months. Getting rid of bed bugs on your own is a long, time-consuming, and frustrating battle, not to mention the amount of equipment and pesticides you'll need to purchase. A hand-held steam cleaner, for example, costs $300 alone. That's a pretty steep price for a single-purpose item.

After adding up the cost of necessary equipment and pesticides needed to eliminate bed bugs, you're looking at spending over one thousand dollars. With the number of harmful chemicals involved and the majority of your furniture in quarantine, you'll also want to find another hotel to stay in until the fumes and bed bugs are gone. We can hope that this one won't have bed bugs though, right? On top of that, you'll need to deep clean your entire home to make sure you haven't missed any pests hiding in tucked away crevices. Sounds like a lot of work, stress, and money down the toilet, doesn't it?

Don't put yourself or your family through that kind of unnecessary agony. If you find bed bugs in your North Dallas home, just call in the professionals. At Bug Head Pest Control, we use a combination of heat and chemical pest control treatments to ensure the eradication of your bed bug problems. With both of these key elements, combined with our 60-day Bed Bug-Free Guarantee, you're sure to get all of the benefits of a thorough treatment at a fraction of the cost of DIY extermination, with zero frustration involved. Stop losing sleep over your bed bug problems. Get in contact with us today!

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