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house mouse in garbage

Why Can't I Get These Mice Out Of My Plano Home?

November 13, 2020

It can be frightening to see a mouse in the house, especially at night. However, there are more reasons to keep mice out of the house. While this pest certainly is a nuisance, it can actually be quite dangerous. Let’s take a closer look! ... Read More

a  house mouse in a home pantry

Richardson's Complete Guide To Effective Rodent Control

October 15, 2020

Pests are one part of nature that people question. Folks wonder why they exist and why they have to be as irritating and scary as they are. Most have strange or frightening looks, and many can harm you in some fashion. A large portion can bite, some damage belongings, and others transmit illnesses. To boot, some pests procreate seemingly at the speed of light, increasing the chances of danger. Rodents have all of these characteristics. ... Read More

an asian tiger mosquito on a leaf

What You Need To Know To Keep Mosquitoes Out Of Your Richardson Yard

July 15, 2020

Texas’ hot summer is well underway, and that means residents of Richardson are dealing with some of our most annoying pests: mosquitoes. Whether you’re having fun in the sun or enjoying an evening with friends, these nasty insects always seem to swarm at the worst times, making it much harder to enjoy outdoor events. ... Read More

cockroach crawling on a basement floor

Why Having Roaches In Your North Dallas Home Is Bad News

April 15, 2020

For centuries, roaches have been synonymous with filth. Perhaps this is due to the environments they choose to live in. It could also have to do with the rotting and decaying food they eat. What might surprise you is that roaches are actually one of the cleanest insects around. Their grooming habits are almost ritual. The only question is, does this affect how dangerous or problematic they can be inside your North Dallas home? Let’s find... Read More

termites eating wood

Common Misconceptions About Termites: Dallas Edition

March 16, 2020

Termites are often misunderstood insects, and the misconceptions about these insects can lead to serious property damage. That's why we've decided to take a moment to set the record straight about these destructive pests. Here's what you need to know.... Read More

small rats in the eave of a home

Plano's Ultimate Guide To Rats

February 17, 2020

There are many different pests that you might encounter in your Plano home or business, but of all of these, rats are the worst. Rats can be a big problem because they can spread disease, cause property damage, and be difficult to get rid of... Read More

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