Occasional Invaders

What are occasional invaders?

Occasional invaders are insects that “occasionally” enter homes and other structures throughout the year. These insects usually enter homes in groups when the weather outside becomes too harsh for them. In our area, the most common occasional invaders that get into structures include centipedes, earwigs, and silverfish.

a silverfish crawling inside of a home in fort worth texas

Adult centipedes have long, segmented, worm-like bodies that are yellow to dark brown in color. Each body segment has its own pair of legs. The first pairs of legs end in sharp claws that contain venom, which they use to capture and paralyze their prey.

These occasional invaders have long, smooth bodies that are dark brown or reddish brown in color. Extending off their abdomen is a pair of pincer-like appendages (cerci). These cerci are what have given these insects their other common name of “pincher bugs.”

These nuisance pests have elongated teardrop-shaped bodies that are covered in bluish-brown scales. They have long antennae and three long, bristle-like appendages that extend off their back ends.

Are occasional invaders dangerous?

Occasional invaders are not usually considered to be a significant danger to people or property. While rare to occur, centipedes have the potential to deliver painful bites if they are being directly handled. Their venom is not strong enough to cause any serious issues for people. Earwigs and silverfish, while they look intimidating, pose no health risks to people. They are simply a nuisance to deal with when living inside homes and other buildings.

Why do I have an occasional invader problem?

Centipedes, earwigs, and silverfish are all moisture-seeking pests. They tend to move inside homes when the weather outside becomes too hot and dry for them to live comfortably. Many species of occasional invaders move inside homes in the late fall or winter months. They find their way inside through cracks and crevices found in homes' exterior walls or foundation. They do this to overwinter inside a temperature-controlled, warm environment.

Where are occasional invaders commonly found?

Occasional invaders like earwigs, centipedes, and silverfish, when living outside, all like to live in dark, damp places, such as under mulch, landscaping ties, rocks, and in landscaped areas. When they move inside, these invaders take up residence in humid, dark, hard-to-reach areas of homes. Attics, wall voids, crawl spaces, basements, bathrooms, and laundry rooms can all become home to earwigs, centipedes, silverfish, and other occasional invaders.

How do I get rid of occasional invaders?

The easiest way to completely eliminate occasional invaders, and prevent a re-infestation, is with the help of a professional. At Bug Head Pest Control our experienced professionals can provide the comprehensive services needed to find and eliminate all the occasional invaders living in your home or business, and prevent their return. If you are looking for exceptional occasional invader control services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, reach out to us at Bug Head Pest Control!

How can I prevent occasional invaders in the future?

The following tips can help to reduce your chances of attracting occasional invaders to your Texas property and finding their way into your home:

  • Reduce humidity levels using dehumidifiers, air conditioners, and ventilated fans.

  • Make sure crawl spaces are properly ventilated.

  • Ensure that gutters are directing water away from the exterior of your home. 

  • Trim overgrown shrubs and bushes away from the outside of your home.

  • Seal cracks or gaps in your home's foundation, along exterior walls, or along the roofline. 

  • Place weather stripping around all windows and doors.

  • Leave a stone barrier between any grass, soil, or mulch and your home's foundation.


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