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a roof rat within a richardson texas home

Roof Rat Or House Mouse: Which Has Infested Your Richardson Home?

January 16, 2020

Don’t worry, your home isn’t haunted, you probably have rodents. The question is, what kind of rodents? Here in Richardson, there are many species of rodents that get into homes. It could be a house mouse, or possibly a roof rat. They both look very similar. Want to find out which one is sharing your home with you? We can help.... Read More

a house mouse scurring accross a plano texas kitchen floor for food scraps

Stopping Mice Invasions In Plano

December 16, 2019

Mice can be both pets as well as pests. One moment they are cute and cuddly, running on their wheels inside their cages, the next they are terrifying, chewing on things and wreaking havoc throughout a home. What is it that makes this change so drastic? Are mice just evil until contained, or is something else going on? Let’s find out.... Read More


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