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How To Get Rid of Roof Rats In Richardson

…large eyes, and pointed noses and generally weigh from 8 to 10 ounces.  These rodents are about 7 to 10″ long, their… …gray, or white. Another common rodent you may experience in your Richardson home is the house mouse. You can… …while others are viral. LCMV can be especially dangerous for pregnant women. Keeping Roof Rats Out Of Your…
October 15, 2021

Ants | A Guide To Ant Identification & Prevention

…What are ants? Ants are some of the most common pests to cause problems for homeowners. These pests are social insects that live and… …weather outside becomes too hot, dry, or wet. Where are ants commonly found? Ants can be found nesting in a variety…
November 30, 2020

Rodents | A Guide To Rodent Identification & Prevention In TX

…living on all the continents of the world, except for Antarctica. These pests are prolific breeders and are… …continuously grow throughout their entire lives. To prevent their teeth from overgrowing, rodents are constantly… …late fall and winter months when looking for shelter where they can overwinter. Rodents are especially attracted to…
November 4, 2019

Rodent Control Services | Bug Head Pest Control

…Rodent Control Rodents Are Bad News For Texas Homeowners When rodents get into your home, they… …And that's the last thing you want! And while the best way to deal with rodents is to prevent them from getting into… …services are often required to get rid of them. And that's where we come in! Free Inspection The first step in the rodent…
September 27, 2019

Occasional Invaders | Learn What Occasional Pests Are Found In TX

…in groups when the weather outside becomes too harsh for them. In our area, the most common occasional invaders that get… …long, segmented, worm-like bodies that are yellow to dark brown in color. Each body segment has its own pair of legs… …a temperature-controlled, warm environment. Where are occasional invaders commonly found? Occasional invaders like…
October 9, 2019

Plano, TX Pest Control Services | Bug Head Pest Control

…Control   Home > Where We Service > Plano, TX Quality Pest Control Services For Plano Home & Business Owners Located in northern Texas, Plano is an… …historical value and plenty of fun places to visit. Museums, nature trails, and parks provide residents and tourists…
October 10, 2019

How To Protect Your North Dallas Home From Termites This Spring

…wood eaters will leave their already established colony to find new locations to call home. If they happen to find… …Termite Swarmers When termite swarmers are on the lookout for new locations to build colonies, they look for a few… …one thing, moisture. They look for ground that is damp where they can build a colony. They also look for moist or…
March 12, 2019

Termites | Learn More About Termites Found In Texas

…millions of members present. Termites prefer to feed on decaying items made of cellulose. They commonly feed on… …its structural wood and feed its colony, unnoticed for months, or even years. A termite infestation typically is only… …way into your home through cracks in its foundation. Where will I find termites? Termites are typically found nesting…
October 9, 2019

Commercial Pest Control | Bug Head Services Texas Businesses

…Customized Pest Control Services For Every Industry In an age where a single online review can make or break a business, maintaining your company’s… …important than ever. And there are many facets to a good reputation, one of which is preserving the health and…
September 27, 2019

Richardson, TX Pest Control Services | Bug Head Pest Control

…Control   Home > Where We Service > Richardson, TX Quality Pest Control Services For Richardson Home & Business Owners Located in Dallas County and home to many prominent technological companies, Richardson is one corner of Texas…
October 10, 2019

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